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CS Massotti's Erasmus+ Charter (2014-2020)

CS Massotti's Erasmus Policy Statement


Erasmus+ Student Charter

issued by European Commission

(Highlights of the rights and obligations of the students participating in Erasmus+)



Erasmus+ Programme Guide (version 07 Jan 2016)

issued by the European Commission

Student Guidebook

by the Erasmus Student Network


What you need to know...



1. Partner institutions

See here a list of the CS Massotti's partner institutions.

If your institution is not on the list, please ask your institution's Erasmus Coordinator about the possibility of signing an agreement with the CS Massotti.


2. Erasmus Office

     Conservatorio Superior Massotti - Erasmus

     Calle Alcalde Gaspar de la Peña, 9

     30004 Murcia



     Erasmus Coordinator:

     Prof. Rosario Jódar García


3. Application (please, only via e-mail to

3.1 Deadline: 30th of April (no matter it be for the first/second semester or for the whole academic year).

3.2 Requeriments:

     - Student's application form with photo.

     - Learning agreement in draft.

     - Curriculum vitae.

     - Performers and conductors: link(s) to a recording of two works of different styles (video, if possible).

       Composers: two original works (pdf format).

       For Musicology and Music Education: an original paper in Spanish (pdf format), on a topic chosen by

       the applicant (2500 words, approx.).


4. Study plan

At present, the CS Massotti offers first cycle studies (Bachelor) only. The studies lasts four years, with 60 credits (ECTS) each.

The study plan is organized in five main fields: Composition, Conducting (Choir and Orchestra), Music Education, Musicology and Performing (instruments and Singing).

See the charts of subjects for each of the main fields.


5. Language

Incoming students are expected to have a proper level of Spanish, specially if they have to attend theoretical subjects. Most of professors speak English, and there is no problem to use this language in performing classes (individual lessons, chamber music, choir,...), but this option is quite unlikely in theoretical group classes.


6. Academic calendar

The CS Massotti academic year comprises 36 weeks, and is divided into two terms of 18 weeks each (Christmas and Easter holidays -2 weeks each- are not counted here).

The first term runs from the third or fourth week of September to the first half of February. The second one covers from the second half of February to June 30th. The specific calendar for each academic year is published here by the end of June.


7. Insurances

Incoming students are expected to have a proper insurance covering common illness and accidents while living in Spain. See here information on the European Health Insurance Card, and ask your country's Health Authority.

A third party liability insurance and an insurance covering repatriation expenses are also recommended.


8. Housing

The CS Massotti will guide incoming students in finding accommodation.


9. Cost of living

Indicative prices (VAT included):

Accommodation (individual room in a shared flat): 150,00 € to 250,00 € per month.


   - Breakfast (CS Massotti cafeteria): 1,50 € to 2,50 €. Cafeterias in the city: 1,80 € to 3,50 €.

   - Lunch (CS Massotti cafeteria): 5,50 €. Cafeterias in the city: 10,00 € to 15,00 € (today's menu).

   - Dinner: if you do not want to cook, try "tapas" or "bocadillos" to have dinner anywhere from 5,00 €

     (one drink included). Popular restaurants: from 15,00 €.

City buses:

   - Single ticket: 1,05 €

   - Bonobus estudiante (student card valid for 30 days; no travel limit): 20,40 €. Card issuance: 1,00 €

     (only the first time).


   - Theatre: from 10,00 € to 30,00 €

   - Concerts (classical music): from 10,00 € to 50,00 € (student tickets from 6,00 €)

   - Going out: ............ (Did you really expect us to tell you how much you might spend??? Be careful anyway).


10. Also interesting

City of Murcia touristic information.

Región de Murcia touristic information.